Where is the “REAL NEWS”? | MWorking RAustin LPointer | 14 min

July 2, 2017

With the psychological indenture of modern media, how do we discern real journalistic news fom politically-slanted news from "fake news".  How do we digest and engage with the news of today when its distributed by CNN, FOX or MSNBC or maybe FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google +?   With Social Media becoming a major distribution platform, how do we sort thru social media’s sex, comedy, fights, suicides, etc. to find the information publishers that you can trust and consistently enrich the lives of you and your family.

Our Guests:

  • Roshun Austin, Executive Director, The Works CDC
  • Michael Working, Atty, The Working Law Firm
  • Leviticus Pointer, Principal, Achievement School District 

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