Soledad O’Brien, Former CNN Anchor | I Have A New Mission!

November 21, 2016

Soledad O'Brien weighs in on What Happened with the 2016 Presidential Election as well as deciphering the What & Why of Donald Trump! Former County Commissioner, Steve Mulroy stops by to pay off his gentlemen's wager with D.C. and Kennard Brown discusses the importance of UTHSC to Tennessee, Arkansas and the Mid-South. #KUDZUKIAN #HealthCareIsCriticalToMemphis #AlwaysPayYourBets #RacismEmpowered

Dr. Kennard Brown, UTHSC | Healthcare and its Impact on the Mid-South | #PreventativeCareIsTheWay

November 16, 2016

Dr. Kennard Brown, UTHSC's Executive Vice Chancellor and Chief Operating Officer dissects the impact of the healthcare ecosystem on the State of TN, Memphis and Arkansas.

We Called This Election in May 2016…Listen! | Retrospective of Funky Politics Election Coverage

November 11, 2016

FP Crews discusses the FUNKIEST Election in HISTORY!  DC & MW predicted that Trump would be our next president as early as May of 2016.  We take a look back, we look at election night and we predict what will be coming as President-Elect Donald Trump takes over the reigns as the Commander in Chief!

Chrmn Chris Masingill, Dr. Kennard Brown & Dr. Mario Brown | Delta Reg. Auth, UTHSC & Leadership

November 5, 2016
#VOTEVoteVOTE  The FP Crew weighs in on the importance of voting and this may be the worst election of our lives because we aren't discussing the issues. Guests for today's show Co-Chairman, Chris Masingill, Delta Regional Authority (Workforce of Tomorrow ), Dr. Kennard Brown, UTHSC's (impact on the healthcare ecosystem of the State of TN, Memphis and Arkansas) and Dr. Mario Brown (Leadership the First TN Bank way) | Massive amounts of intellectual insight from 3 amazing men.    #KUDZUKIAN #NotAJobShortage #WorkReadyPopulation #WorkforceDevelopment

Bernal Smith II, Leslie Lynn Smith & David Waters | Media, Entrepreneurship and Economics | #FunkyPolitics

October 31, 2016

FP Crew weighs in on the political season during "E-Funk" (Election Funky) Segment with guest, Bernal Smith II of The New Tri-State Defender...the current status most recent presidential election...Who will win, comments from the candidates and what will come next.  We also welcome David Waters, Respected Memphis Columnist and Leslie Lynn Smith, CEO EpiCenter | A very insightful conversation.  An uncommon conversation that you do not want to miss!  #KUDZUKIAN #BlackPeople #WhitePeople #Love

Melvin “Butch” Burgess, Jr. & Kay Robilio | Shelby Co. Commission Chairman & City Court Clerk | #BetterTodayThanYesterday

October 24, 2016

FP Crew weighs in on the political season...the most recent presidential debate, comments from the candidates and what will come next.  We also welcome Shelby Co. Commission Chairman, Melvin "Butch" Burgess, Jr. and Former Judge now City Court Clerk, Kay Robilio to the show.  In the wake of the most recent disparity study, Chairman Burgess lays out his vision for Shelby County, TN and City Clerk Robilio discusses the many programs being re-introduced by the clerks office.   

Carol Johnson, PhD | Tosha Downey, JD | Sharon Griffin, PhD - Gladiators in Education Reform

October 17, 2016

Education Reform is happening in urban communities around the country and since our goal on Funky Politics is to raise the Social and Civic IQ of our listeners it is important for us to engage the movers and shakers of various business sectors.  Who, What and How of education is morphing as we speak lets be aware of whats happening so that we can make the best decisions for our most precious commodity...OUR Children!!! 

DeAndre Brown, Exec. Dir. LifeLine to Success & Political Season is Upon Us with the FP Crew!

October 10, 2016

FP Crew weighs in on the political season...Presidential Election and Candidates.  We also welcome DeAndre Brown of LifeLine to Success.  DeAndre digs into his past, the organization he founded and the challenges a convicted felon has re-integrating back into society, finding meaningful employment and why it is necessary for us to look at this community a little different. 

Berlin Boyd, City Councilman | #DecriminalizingMarijuana | My Perspective

October 5, 2016

Councilman Boyd stops by to discuss the issues around racial profiling at Graceland, decriminalizing marijuana and the issues that Black Businesses are experiencing when attempting to do business with the City of Memphis. 

Rodney K. Strong & David Waters | Disparity…Economic, Wealth, Opportunity, Wages…!

October 3, 2016

Hanging out with the FP Crew was Rodney K. Strong of Griffin Strong, provided the research needed for the City of Memphis Business Disparity Study and David Waters of the CA discussing disparity, race and the challenges the City of Memphis faces.  

Tosha Downey, Education Advocacy | #FunkyPolitics

October 2, 2016

Tosha Downey, Director of Advocacy for Teacher Town - Memphis, does a deep dive into Education policy and the shortcomings of education today.  #AdvocacyOnSteriods

Martavius Jones, City Councilman / Education Advocacy | My Perspective

September 24, 2016

Martavius Jones hangs out with the FP Crew. 

Leslie Lynn Smith & David Waters | My Perspective

September 24, 2016

#MakingMemphisGreat |David Waters, Respected Memphis Columnist and Leslie Lynn Smith, CEO EpiCenter | A very insightful conversation.  An uncommon conversation that you do not want to miss!  #KUDZUKIAN #BlackPeople #WhitePeople #Love

Linda Steele, Andria Lisle & Ned Canty | What Art Does For a Community

September 19, 2016

The Funky Politics Crew engage in enlightening  conversation around the urban community and its connection to the arts.  Linda Steele, Arts Memphis, Ardria Lisle and Ned Canty thoroughly discuss current programming at each organization.  Enjoy!!!

Jen Bradner, Ned Canty & Terri Freeman | Orchestra - Opera - Museum

September 12, 2016

TFP interviewed three professionals who have committed their lives to Art and Culture and the societies knowledge thereof.  Jen Bradner, is leading the charge for the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, Ned Canty, for the Opera and Terri Freeman for the National Civil Rights Museum. Enjoy!

Tosha Downey Sharon Griffin & Malika Anderson | Education Gladiators | Advocacy - I-Zone - ASD

September 4, 2016

TFP interviewed three of the most committed women in education and its reform.  Passionate about our children, Dynamic leaders and Committed to making the necessary changes to supply a better result and experience.  Enjoy!

Lee Harris Martavius Jones & Berlin Boyd | #Elvis, #Wiseacre & #Disparity

August 27, 2016

The Funky Politics Crew increases the Funk Level to 10 to 10th Power with three outspoken, intelligent and committed elected officials.  TN State Senator, Lee Harris unwraps the problems at Graceland and the Concerned Citizens Protest and the racial profiling that ensued.  Next we have, Memphis City Councilman Martavius Jones breaking down the plan for Wiseacre Beer Distillery's proposal for the Historic Mid-South Coliseum and last but certainly not least, Memphis City Councilman Berlin Boyd, highlights the Pure Unadulterated Funkiness of the City of Memphis' recently completed Business Disparity Study.  Sit back and relax to this Funkified Funk on Funky Politics. 

Linda Steele & Fred Jones, Jr. | Creativity & Innovation at its Best!

August 21, 2016

#MakingMemphisGreat | Fred Jones, Founder, Southern Heritage Classic, Linda Steele, Chief Engagement Officer, ArtsMemphis, Sports-Based & Arts-Based Community Development.  A new way of looking at the economic impact of two entities thats focused on improving the lives of Memphians.  A very insightful conversation.  An uncommon conversation that you do not want to miss!  #KUDZUKIAN

Raumesh Akbar & Lucy Shaw | Talking DNC, Juvenile Justice and Banking While Black

August 13, 2016

#TwoPowerfulSisters | DC & Doc chop it up with State Representative, Raumesh Akbari and they discuss her experiences before, during and since being a keynote speaker at the Democratic National Convention and Lucy Shaw, Tri-State State Bank's Chairwoman of the Board, checks in to discuss the current status of Memphis' one and only black-owned bank, its recent growth and new initiatives.  She also touches on the challenges the bank has experienced over the last few years and its plan for growth through better connection with the Black Community. Great conversation with two amazing women!  #TwoBrilliantBlackWomen  #KUDZUKIAN

David Lenoir & Erika Blair | We Down with OPM (Other People’s Money) & Trading Stocks

August 7, 2016

#DontMissThisOne | David Lenoir, Shelby County Trustee and Erika Blair, Founder of Young Wall Street Traders, check-in with the FP crew to discuss the current situation with taxes and Shelby County and what we can do to offset the challenges we have as a community and need for enhanced financial literacy especially with our youth. Erika also discusses the Young Wall Street Traders program, its development, successes and growth strategy.  A very insightful conversation.  We are down with OPM!!!