Did The Bethune Graduates “Do The Right Thing”? | KTaylor JBalink EBandele | 18 min

May 17, 2017

Betsy DeVos, Secretary of Education was invited by the administration of Bethune-Cookman University but after numerous request to disinvite her by students, graduating seniors and families the administration forged ahead.  No one would have anticipated what occurred during the keynote address of the education chief.  Not only was she "Boo"-ed for the entirety of her speech, turned their backs to  Secretary DeVos and ignored the verbal reprimand from the School’s President Dr. Edison Jackson.  We dig into this topic and a few others associated with 45 and his cabinet. 

Our Guests:

  • Jennifer Balink, Executive Director, Exchange Club Family Center
  • Ekundayo Bandele, CEO and Founder, Hattiloo Theatre 
  • Ken Taylor, Executive Director, Beale Street Merchant Association





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