Million Dollar Scholars…Why? | TDowney LLamar LMercer | 20 min

July 2, 2017

Why are students encourage to apply for 10 - 25 schools and then promote the $$$ awarded…What purpose does this serve?  High schools have been obsessed with the “Million Dollar Scholar.” As a result, students are being pushed by counselors to apply to as many colleges as possible--some as many as 100 applications--all to meet their school quota. The more scholarships/college acceptances the better! Schools have been so consumed by recognition and awards, that they’ve missed the mark on what it means to be a Million Dollar Scholar. 

Our Guests:

  • Tosha Downey, Director of Advocacy, Memphis Education Fund
  • London Lamar, President, TN Young Demcrats
  • Luther Mercer, Director of Advocacy, TN Charter Center




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